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Kia Auto Recalls and Defects

Kia Corporation is a South Korean automaker and one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. In South Korea, Kia is second only to its own parent company, Hyundai. Kia was originally founded in 1944 to manufacture industrial goods such as bicycle parts, and by the 1970s it had transitioned into auto and truck manufacturing. Kia America, Inc. was incorporated in 1992 and is responsible for the sale, marketing, and distribution of Kia cars, trucks, and SUVs in the United States. Despite the fact that Kia advertises the reliability of its vehicles and high safety scores, Kia has a history of issuing high-profile vehicle recalls affecting millions of Kia owners and lessees in the U.S. and worldwide.

Federal agencies and Kia customers have discovered a wide range of defects leading to massive recalls. Over the last few years, Kia has recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles for defects ranging from faulty airbag deployment to engine stalling and spontaneous combustion. Our California Lemon Law Firm has compiled a list of notable recent recalls and defects. Check your vehicle identification number (VIN) on Kia’s website or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) database to determine if your vehicle is or was subject to a recall. If you bought or leased a Kia and discovered a serious defect, or if your Kia auto is subject to a recall, you have vital legal rights. The Lemon Law attorney at Nita Lemon Law Firm is here to help.

2014-2016 Kia Sportage and 2016-2018 K900 Sedans: Fire Risk

In February 2022, Kia issued a massive recall of over 126,000 Kia Sportage SUVs and K900 sedans in connection with a possible fire risk. The vehicles were fitted with anti-lock computer control modules that may have been damaged by “foreign contaminants.” The contaminants may cause an electrical short in the control modules, which could result in an engine compartment fire. The fire can occur whether the vehicle is parked or being actively driven, creating a serious risk of injury.

2017-2019 Sedona, Soul, Soul EV, 2017-2018 Forte, and 2017 Forte Koup: Airbag Failure

Kia recalled over 410,000 Sedona, Soul, and Forte model line vehicles after discovering that the airbag control unit (ACU) was faulty. The ACU cover was defectively constructed to carry a risk of coming into contact with circuits on the electrical circuit board. Damage to the circuits can lead to deactivated airbags which will not deploy in the event of a crash. The risk of airbag failure is potentially fatal. Owners of affected vehicles should have been notified by the end of March 2022 of their options, including repair or replacement of the faulty unit free of charge.

2014 Kia Soul: Airbag Failure

Owners and lessees of the 2014 Kia Soul should also have been notified by mid-to-late April of a recall pertaining to the airbags. The ACU on these vehicles is prone to failure to communicate with front impact sensors, which can lead to deployment failure in the event of a frontside crash.

2013-2014 Optima: Fuel Leak

Kia recalled close to 73,000 model year 2013-2014 Optima vehicles that were already repaired under a prior NHTSA recall. The vehicles may be fitted with a damaged or improperly-repaired fuel hose, which carries a risk of leaking fuel. A fuel leak can lead to a fire.

2022 Carnival: Door Latch Failure

Kia is recalling close to 3,000 2022 Carnival multi-purpose vehicles due to a faulty door. The passenger-side power sliding door is prone to malfunction, which can prevent the door from properly latching. If left improperly latched, the door could come open while the vehicle is moving, increasing the risk of a crash.

If Your Kia is Defective, We’re Here to Help

If you bought or leased a defective Kia Soul, Sportage, Sedona, Forte, or any other faulty car in California, you have the right to get the product you paid for or get your money back. If you or someone you love was hurt because of a dangerously defective vehicle, you have the right to seek compensation, and the right to seek justice. The California Lemon Law team at Nita Lemon Law Firm is ready to help.

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