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mini cooper emblemMini started life as a British car model in 1959 which defined the mood of the “Swinging Sixties” culture in London. Mini was established as a standalone brand in Oxford in 1969 and lasted until 2000 when it was bought by the German multinational automotive company BMW. While the original two-door Mini remains the most popular British car of all time, today BMW manufactures five different models at plants in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria. These models range from the entry-level Mini One to the high-end John Cooper Works (JCW), with the sporty Cooper S falling somewhere in between. The Mini Clubman is a small station wagon, and the Countryman is a five-door crossover that takes the “mini” out of the Mini name. Mini offers two-door and four-door hardtops and a convertible variously known as Mini Cooper, Mini Hatch and Mini Hardtop. Previous models included the Mini Coupé and Mini Roadster.

While remaining popular today for its iconic design and responsive handling in a small package, Mini has not been without problems or controversies over the years. For example, Mini was implicated in a BMW emissions scandal when EPA testing revealed emissions and fuel efficiency significantly out of kilter from what the manufacturer was reporting. More serious safety defects have also led to recalls covering vital areas such as airbags, turn signals, brake lights, and crashworthiness. Learn more about these issues below, and if you have a Mini with warranty defects affecting its value, safety or use that aren’t being adequately addressed by the manufacturer, contact Nita Lemon Law Firm in Los Angeles for advice and assistance from an experienced and successful California lemon law attorney.

Mini Safety Defects and Recalls

In July 2023, BMW sent notification letters to Mini owners regarding a recall potentially affecting almost 95,000 units. Apparently, the electronic control module located in the footwell on the driver’s side is prone to corrosion due to water and road salt exposure, potentially leading to a short circuit and risk of fire. The recall covers various models over several years, including 2008-2014 MINI Clubman Cooper, Clubman Cooper S, and Clubman John Cooper Works, as well as 2007-2013 MINI Hardtop 2-Door Cooper, Cooper S, and John Cooper Works. Vehicles sold or registered in 29 states and Washington, D.C. (but not California) are included in the recall.

The electronic control module recall may be the largest and most recent Mini recall as of 2024, but it is not the only recall by far in recent years. Other recalls of note affecting important safety features include:

  • Takata passenger-side airbags. BMW issued a recall in 2015 of several 2014-2016 models, including Mini Cooper S, Mini Cooper two-door, four-door, and John Cooper Works. A defect in the affected vehicles could cause the airbag not to deploy properly when needed, increasing the risk of serious injury in a crash that could otherwise be avoided.
  • Side curtain airbags. The following year, in 2016, BMW recalled several 2016-17 Mini Clubman vehicles due to faulty front-seat side airbags that might not deploy properly and not inflate on impact as they should.
  • Crashworthiness in a side impact. Another recall was issued in 2015 affecting tens of thousands of 2014-2015 Minis of various models. The recalled vehicles simply do not meet the standards for crashworthiness regarding side impact crashes for rear-seat passengers.
  • Faulty turn signals yielding faulty brake lights. In 2017 BMW recalled nearly 17,000 2016-2017 Mini Clubman, Cooper S Clubman, and JCW Clubman for a faulty turn signal that could cause the inner brake light mounted on the bumper to go out, creating a needless risk of rear-end collisions.

Contact Nita Lemon Law Firm for Help With Mini Lemons in California

The MSRP for a new Mini starts at over $35,000 to more than $45,000, depending on the model and before any additions or upgrades. A Mini lemon can be a large problem. If you bought or leased a defective Mini in California that is still under warranty but can’t be satisfactorily fixed by the dealer after a reasonable number of attempts or period of time, contact Nita Lemon Law Firm for a free case evaluation from a skilled and experienced California lemon law attorney. Call 213-232-5055 in Los Angeles or 877-921-5256 throughout California. You can also schedule your free consultation online at our website or email attorney Nick Nita directly at nick@nitalemonlaw.com. No matter how you reach us, our experienced and successful California lemon law attorney will respond to you promptly and personally address your concerns.

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