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3 Tips to Help You Win a California Lemon Law Claim

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When your new car has the same mechanical issue repeatedly while still under warranty, leaving you stuck without your car for days or weeks at a time, you have a right under California law to seek compensation through a Lemon Law claim. Whether you’re successful in pursuing a Lemon Law claim often depends on how well you understand the law and have prepared for your case. Learn more about how to set your California Lemon Law claim up for success, and contact a skilled California Lemon Law attorney with any additional questions.

Tips for a successful Lemon Law claim in California

  1. Describe the issue thoroughly and consistently: In order to qualify for relief under the Lemon Law, your car must require repairs of the same issue on multiple occasions. When you take your car in to the dealer for repairs, it’s important that you describe the issue you’re having with your car in great detail. Explain the issues you’re having with the car, as well as any accompanying sounds it may be making, or issues with the electrical system that you may have noticed. If the problem is the same each time, make sure that this is clear in the repair shop’s notes by describing the problem the same way each time.
  2. Make sure the dealer’s records are thorough in describing the issue, and that you maintain all records: After your car is repaired, review the dealer’s records to make sure that it includes accurate notes on the dates you took your car in for repairs, your description of the issue, and all steps taken to try and correct the issue. Keep these records, as well as notes on any other interactions you have with the dealership.
  3. Find a skilled attorney to help you pursue your claim: California law offers successful Lemon Law claimants the right to seek attorneys’ fees from the manufacturer. Experienced Lemon Law attorneys will often take on your claim without requiring any fees from you; they have the skill and knowledge of the law that you’ll want on your side when going up against auto manufacturers.

If you believe that your car might qualify as a lemon under California law, get seasoned, experienced, and effective legal help pursuing a California Lemon Law claim by contacting the Nita Lemon Law Firm for a free consultation at 213-232-5055 or 877-921-5256.

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